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The Purpose & Goals of San Bruno Girls Softball League:


To Promote good sportsmanship and fair play for all girls in our community.


  • To raise the skills of all participating girls.

  • To develop between managers, coaches and the general public, such united effort which will secure for all girls the highest advantages in physical, mental and social growth

  • Safe and fun environment for all



SBGSL is the home of:

 'B/C' Recreational League softball

 'B/C' Junior Olympic All-Star program, San Bruno Storm 

For nearly 40 years, San Bruno Girls Softball (SBGS) has provided young female athletes with a great organization for them to learn and play the sport of fast pitch softball. Built on the philosophy of development and success through positive coaching, hard work, and most importantly, fun, SBGS has continued to grow and persevere into one of the bay area’s most reputable softball organizations. From recreational softball to competitive travel ball, year-in and year-out, SBGS attracts talented players from San Bruno and nearby cities like Millbrae, South City, and Daly City as well as many from San Francisco. We continually produce competitive teams at all levels, are continually learning, and constantly improving the softball experience for all our players. Whether you are new to softball, looking for a place to learn the game and have fun with friends, or you are a competitive player looking for a stepping-stone to the next level, we believe we have a place for you here. Join the winning tradition!



We are representing San Bruno Girls Softball, our community, and our reputation as a respectful organization should exceed what we do on the field. Our reputation can get us banned from games and tournaments more easily than getting into them, so win or lose, we must maintain the standard of having the most well behaved teams, families, and spectators. As members of the SBGSL Family we are the face of our league and community. We must lead by example and set the foundation of great character for our young athletes to carry with them beyond sports.



* Follow all SafeSport safety guidelines when it comes to the well being of the player(s)

*Player safety is always number one priority, physically and mentally.

* Maintain high level of performance through a healthy, positive learning environment and keeping the focus on the player and team development before winning 

* Keep lines of communication open between coaches and players/parents.

*Be knowledgeable in the SBGSL rules of fastpitch softball and the rules of USA

Softball Association to teach the rules to the players.

* Set the standard for proper behavior for players and spectators alike

* Set and Enforce team, organization rules, and curfews

* NO alcohol or substances for coaches/assistants/team parent(s) at the fields before, during, or in between games


* Have your player(s) to all practices, games, and meeting on time or earlier.

* NO open alcohol or substance containers allowed at any practice or tournaments. This can lead us to being kicked out of a game or tournament

*All parents/spectators will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating support for all players, coaches, managers and other officials at every game, practice or other softball-related event.

*I/we understand that if this is broken I/we can lead to this person being banned from all SBGSL events

*All parents/spectators will remember that coaches/managers and league officials are volunteering their time

*All parents/spectators will remember the game is for the kids....not the adults. Remembering these are children not professional athletes.

* Unless player safety is involved, any complaint to a coach whether in person, email, or text should wait until the next day & board of commission to be notified


 * Any sort of unruly behavior towards coaches, officials, other spectators, or team parents will not be tolerated and can lead to the player being removed from the team. 

* Remember you are representing your team, hold your standards high.

*Act in ways that bring respect to my coaches, my teammates, and myself.

*Always display a positive attitude in practices and games.

*Show good sportsmanship to players, coaches, officials, opponents, and

parents/spectators at every game and practice.

*Arrive at practices and warm-ups for games on time(or earlier) and be ready to

dedicate my attention to my coaches.

*Refrain from any activity that could be considered as bullying or harassment


Overnight Tournament Stay:

At hotels, families must be in their rooms by midnight unless the hotel staff asks you to go sooner. 

* Your player(s) must be in their room by 10:30pm

* Abide by ALL team rules and curfews 

* Abide by ALL facility rules 

 Any issues regarding any spectators, opponents, other coaches or players
should be brought to the board via email at