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San Bruno Storm 

The San Bruno Storm program is a challenging, highly competitive, fun, and rewarding summer experience.We do encourage girls to participate in the Storm program. It is a great program, and all who play emerge as stronger players for next year.

For more information about the program and our preparations for it, here are answers to some FAQs. 

What is the San Bruno Storm? 

San Bruno Storm is the official Junior Olympic All-Star program that competes in various competitive tournaments during the summer. We field teams in various age levels including 8U, 10U, and 12U(depending on player interest). The San Bruno Storm travel season begins after tryouts in late April/early May and ends in early August. Storm requires a high level of time and commitment. The San Bruno Storm Program is an extension of the San Bruno Girls Softball Recreation Division. Storm is composed of our strongest players that participate in highly competitive softball tournaments during the summer. Storm is a great opportunity for everyone ranging from 8u and up who love softball and would like to extend their skills beyond the spring season. While the spring season emphasizes player development and having fun in a recreational league. Storm focuses on forming highly competitive teams, while at the same time maintaining a balance with softball skill development and personal development.

How does a player become eligible to participate in the Storm program? 

To be eligible to register and participate in the Storm Summer Program, players must have been registered in the division in which they played during the San Bruno Spring League in order to try out. The Storm team(s) will be selected through the tryout evaluation process. All roster selections and decisions are final. 

*Please note any petitioned up player must make the top 3 players in the division. If the division will have two Storm teams, this may change.*

What is the commitment required of a Storm player? 

Storm teams typically practice two to three times during the week, starting in May. Additionally, there will be a weekend practice when there is no tournament. Because girls try out for the team(s) and not every player makes the team(s), it is expected that Storm will be a high-priority Summer activity for the player. Please understand when you are offered a position onto a team, you are fully committed to all practices and tournaments. With that said, we know summer is a time when family commitment & trips are common. Should you have conflict with our summer tournament schedule, we need to know during the application process of any scheduled commitments that may interfere with your daughter’s availability. Missing many practices and tournaments may affect your child's playing time.


How many teams will there be? 

The number of teams in each age division is dependent on a number of factors: 

● the number of interested, qualified players. 

● the availability of sufficient pitchers & catchers capable of playing at the tournament level. 

● the availability of qualified coaches willing to make the commitment to the summer program. 

What to anticipate during the tryout and how teams formed? 

During tryouts, evaluators will score each of the players basic fielding, throwing, catching, and batting skills. Coaches will have their own evaluations during tryouts as these experienced coaches know the players best . Pitchers and catchers may have an additional evaluation for those two specialized positions. After each tryout, scores will be tallied and we then take the best score from the two days.



What is the anticipated tournament schedule? 

Tournaments will be played on weekends in the summer. The number of tournaments played by any age group is determined by the coaches and tournament availability. 

Typically, Storm teams will play in 4 to 6 tournaments. In most tournaments, teams will play 4 games … more if they do well. All tournaments will be governed by USA/ASA rules. Most tournaments are played on Saturday and Sunday, however some do have Friday games. Teams may also participate in ‘friendly’ tournaments organized with local leagues. 


What are the costs? 

Final costs will be determined by the number of tournaments attended; ranges from $400 to about $650 for the summer season. This includes tournament registration fees, field costs, insurance, and some additional expenses such as team equipment. Travel expenses, such as food, lodging (for overnight tournaments), and personal equipment are extra (such as a personalized Storm softball bag, sweatshirts, etc.) and families are responsible for this cost. All players pay an equal share of the total costs for the summer season.


What about playing time and positions? 

As noted above, the Storm program is designed for tournament play, so tournament rules apply and are enforced. Batting orders are based on the amount of players and substitutions. It is a competitive environment, and players need to earn playing time and positions. Should your daughter miss a lot of practices and games, this will affect playing time as well.


How do you know if your daughter has made a team? 

Parents will receive either a welcome or regret email from our league. If a position is offered to your daughter, you will also receive a welcome phone call from their coach! 

If your daughter does not want to be on the team she has been offered a position to, please understand that she either accepts or declines. There is no choosing what team she wants to be on.